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About this site

Someone once said: information wants to be free. A very true thing. However, with the apparent miriade of Web-standards and browsers it seems to be increasingly difficult to present the information in a nice format to every one. By using the HTML 4.01 standard, with CSS for unifying the layout of this website, I have tried to define a look-and-feel that works across browsers and platforms.

I've had some "complaints" that the style for this site is rather empty / minimalistic. True. I prefer a lean-and-mean approach to website building. The site has to be informative, easy to navigate and fast in loading. Too many websites are bloated with graphics, unncessary JavaScript/Flash toys and so on. When designing a website I tend to be a little bit lazy. That is, I try to design the website such that it doesn't take me too much work to maintain it and keeп the layout consistent across the site. Usually I use php scripts and CSS for that. The php code is available here and the stylesheet can be found here. Please let me know if you decide to (re)use them.

Building the style-sheet for InternetExplore gave me a headache in particular. I strongly encourage IE-users to download a decent, CSS-compatible browser such as mozilla. Apart from those two, I tested the site with Konquerror, Opera and Links. Yep, that good old textbrowser still works like a charm as you can see here

In case you find an error / have a suggestion: please send me an Email.

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